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On the 13th January 2020 we launched our Purple Vote Campaign. This was in response to the newly elected Members of Central Government and the anticipated election of members to the Welsh Assembly in 2021.  We intend to  raise awareness in those who represent us within local and central government on the subject of disability.  

There are essentially two parts to the Purple Vote campaign:

Part one is to raise awareness with assembly members and members of parliament as to what matters to disabled people and how best they can represent their constituents.

Part two is to ensure that the disabled community have a voice in the democratic process. We want to encourage disabled people to get involved in three really simple but vital ways. We want them to

  • get out and vote!
  • be part of public committees and groups and make a noise!
  • make contact with their assembly member or MP in order to have important conversations around what matters to them.

Change won’t happen overnight but neither will it happen on its own. If we can help motivate disabled people engage with the political process then change will happen sooner rather than later. We do this in the hope that in time to come we might even be able to encourage more disabled people into local and central government positions and then it really will get exciting!

If you are an MP or AM register here:

Purple Vote information pack: